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Know our rhythms of study and close the best deal with English in Company Idiomas

General English

Course for beginners or who wants to keep your fluency at the language. The Course allows the student a direct contact with the language in a nice away. Our teachers work on four skills: grammar, reading, listening and speaking.

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Business English

With the high demand of using an international language in the world of business, the English language has become essential for the professional communicate clearly and close deals abroad.

In our Business English course the student learns what really matters for meetings and presentations. Learning with real topics of economy and business, for exemple.

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English in company

The best cost x benefit! Classes in company with your coworkers and hour/ class taxes shared between the students. The classes can be focused in business or general English.

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English to travel

The teacher will approach themes of everyday life and pratical situations of a trip: hotel, restaurants, magazines, prices… The student learn in a few time a vocabulary and knowledge required to travel and do not have communication problems.
The duration and number of classes are determined by the student.

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English for Tests

In this preparatory course the student will study focused in the test that he wants to apply for. The teacher will work on real questions of writing and grammar

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Private Classes

Our school offers the facility of classes in company or in the students home. The classes can be individual or in group and are personalized according to the student objective.

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Português para estrangeiro

Com um método simples e professores bem preparados o aluno conseguirá, em pouco tempo, atingir os seus objetivos, seja na escrita ou na conversação.

Exercícios extras e material de apoio são disponibilizados pela escola, garantindo bons resultados.

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